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This high speed 10 bit CMOS camera system comprises advanced CMOS and electronics technology.

Highspeed 10 bit CMOS camera 

With the new approach to integrate the image memory into the camera itself, it enables unmatched fast image recording with 1GB/s. The system features an excellent resolution and low noise. It consists of a compact camera with an external intelligent power supply. The image data is transferred via customer selectable standard data interfaces. The available exposure times range from 1 µs (50 ns optional) to 5 s.

This digital CMOS camera system is perfectly suited for high speed camera applications such as material testing, external crash testing or super slow motion movie clips.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
  • • 501 fps at full resolution (1068 fps at VGA)
  • • extremely fast image recording – 820 MB/s
  • • 10 bit dynamic range
  • • exposure time range 1 µs – 1 s
  • • image memory in camera: camRAM up to 4 GB
  • • high resolution 1280 x 1024 pixel
  • • standard interfaces: USB 3.0, Camera Link / USB 2.0, IEE1394 (Firewire)


parameter unit setpoint pco.1200 s
resolution (hor x ver) pixel 1280 x 1024
pixel size (hor x ver) µm 12.0 x 12.0
peak quantum efficiency % @ 520 nm typ. 25
dynamic range A/D bit 10
readout noise e- rms 41
imaging frequency,
frame rate
fps @ full frame
@ 1280 x 480 pixel
exposure time range s 1 µs .. 1 s
region of interest (ROI, hor) pixel steps of 10
region of interest (ROI, ver) pixel steps of 1
optical input Nikon f-mount,
data interface GigE, USB 2.0,
camera link (base),
firewire, USB 3.0


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