Linkam designs and manufactures scientific instruments to characterize materials from polymers, metals, ceramics, liquid crystals and biological materials.
As an original equipment manufacturer of leading microscope manufacturers, Märzhäuser is the worldwide leading supplier of manual and motorized mechanical stages for all kinds of applications and within the whole market of microscopy. Microscope stages from Märzhäuser especially distinguish themselves by their extremely precise and smooth running, as well as their unmatched service life.

HOLOEYE´s Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) systems are based on translucent or reflective liquid crystal microdisplays. HOLOEYE offers a wide range of spatial light modulators for amplitude and phase modulation.
ATI INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION is the leading engineering-based world developer of robotic accessories and robot arm tooling, including Automatic Tool Changers, Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensing Systems, Utility Couplers, Robotic Deburring Tools, Robotic Collision Sensors, Manual Tool Changers, and Compliance Devices.

Ibsen is your reliable, stable supplier of highest quality Phase masks with over 20 years of product and market experience

Chroma Technology Corp. is a leading manufacturer of optical filters and related products.
Making micromanipulation easier and more precise in every field, from biology to industry.

Bioptechs is an innovative American optical engineering company that develops, and manufacturers live-cell microscopy environmental control systems used for qualitative and or quantitative light microscopy.
Nanoscribe GmbH, located in Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen near Karlsruhe, Germany, offers 3D printers for the micro- and nanometer scale as well as photoresists and process solutions tailored to specific application areas. Nanoscribe has established itself in this field as the technological and global market leader with its laser lithographic processes.