Simple quality, repeatable results


The TST350 is built with two precision ground stainless steel lead screws to maintain perfect uniform vertical and horizontal alignment (more…)

The THMS600 is one of the most widely used heating stages on the market, and has now been modified with a special optical adapter to facilitate use on an ellipsometer. (more…)

For general heating and freezing applications in the x-ray spectrometer the HFS based systems have low space requirement , high temperature stability and are ideal for horizontal or vertical mounting. (more…)

The THMS600 Heating and Freezing Microscope Stage is used in many applications where high heating/freezing rates and 0.01°C accuracy and stability are needed. The THMS600 has a temperature range of -196°C to 600°C.. (more…)

The THMSG600 is based on the design of the highly successful  THMS600 stage and then upgraded and modified specifically for geological applications. (more…)