3 May 2015


EINST Technology awarded distributorship agreement by Nanoscribe Gmbh for 3D laser lithography system

 Founded as a spin-off company of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2007, today the name Nanoscribe stands for nano- and microfabrication in three dimensions. As market and technology leader, the German company supports science and industry all over the world with high-tech solutions in 3D laser lithography. The product portfolio covers both laser lithography systems for 3D micro- and nanostructures based on two photon polymerization as well as specifically designed IP-photoresists. In order to provide a complete solution, Nanoscribe additionally offers know-how in casting of 3D structures, e.g., into metals or semi-conductors. The applications are widely spread e.g. photonics, photonic waveguides and wire bonds, micro-optics, micro-fluidics, biomimetics or scaffolds for cell biology.

Photonic Professional GT

The next generation 3D laser lithography system, Photonic Professional GT sets new standards in 3D microprinting and maskless lithography. It combines two writing modes in one device: an ultra-precise piezo mode for arbitrary 3D trajectories (FBMS) and the high-speed galvo mode (MBFS) for fastest structuring in a layer-by-layer fashion. In combination with the software package, the system is embedded best along the 3D printing workflow and offers a high degree of automation. In addition, the Photonic Professional GT allows for the fabrication of high-resolution photo masks and other direct write applications.

Key Features
  • • Highest resolution commercially available 3D printer
  • • Fast and accurate by galvo and piezo technology
  • • Two-photon polymerization of various UV-curable photoresists
  • • Two-photon exposure of common positive-tone photoresists
  • • Writing area up to 100 × 100 mm² range
  • • High-sensitivity microscope camera for realtime observation of the printing process
  • • User-friendly software package for 3D printing workflow
  • • Easy CAD import via STL file format

Setting New Standards in 3D Printing and Maskless Lithography

The Photonic Professional GT provides a micro-fabrication platform for research and development in science and industry. It enables the rapid fabrication of micro-sized parts by providing a simple 3D printing workflow to convert virtual 3D models into physical parts with many applications in fields like optics, medicine, fluidics or mechanics. The yet available fabrication processes induce limitations on shape and functional complexity. These bottlenecks for innovation are overcome by the unique design freedom, speed and resolution offered by the 3D printer Photonic Professional GT.

3 August 2015

TS_logo 2016


TechnoSpex is pleased to announce a new addition to our product line: uSight, the state of the art micro-spectroscopy system that integrates UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy with the high precision of a research grade upright optical microscope. It provides the complete set up for laboratories and industries that demands high performance, ease of use and yet remaining cost effective for micro-spectroscopy applications.

The uSight- 2000 micro-spectrophotometer empowers an upright microscope with UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy functionalities, providing users the capability to carry out transmission, reflectance, absorbance, fluorescence or photoluminescence measurement at high spatial resolution. Most important of all, it features a patent- pending technique for accurately verifying exact measurement spot size and position.

The uSight-X is a rename of the previous uRaman-X (hereby obsolete) system with inbuilt Raman-grade laser for application such as Raman, Photoluminescence or Fluorescence spectroscopy. Different from our flag-ship uRaman models, uSight-X offers users the flexibility to connect, via optical fibre cable to their own existing spectrometer or our list of standalone spectrometer for different or combination of applications.

Both uSight-2000 and uSight-X features precise measurement spot size down to <1.0um, when using a 100X objective lens. Both modules are compatible with existing upright microscope from most major brands such as Nikon, Leica, Olympus and Zeiss. Similar to our uRaman models, uSight modules are also compatible for use with existing microscopy techniques such as Phase Contrast, DIC, Dark-field, Polarization and/or Fluorescence imaging. Spectral mapping is also possible with an optional XY motorised stage.


More information on the uSight Series can be found at: http://technospex.com/product/usight